The cost of long-term care services for our venerable population is often expensive and assistance subpar. In far too many circumstances our loved ones are encourage to move from their beloved homes and sacrifice their freedom to be stuck in cramped living spaces and treated like children to maximize corporate profits. We believe there is a better way.

Community Oriented Services for Helping (COSH) offers Eldercare and Companionship Services for individuals who need a little extra assistance and would like to maintain independence in their own homes. These services include everything from regular in-home companionship visits to cleaning to transportation.

Companionship Services

Offer companionship and conversation
Discuss current and historical events
Reminisce about the past
Participate in crafts
Play games and cards
Aid with reading
Stimulate mental awareness
Read religious materials
Record family history
Rent and play movies
Maintain family scrapbook
Assist with entertaining

Provide respite care

Plan visits, outings and trips

Visit neighbors and friends

Maintain calendar
Arrange appointments
Provide reminders for appointments

Monitor diet and eating
Prepare grocery lists
Clip coupons for shopping
Check food expirations
Record and arrange recipes

Provide medication reminders

Assist with Personal Tasks
Aid with morning and wake-up
Help with clothing selection
Assist with evening and tuck-in

Assist with walking

Monitor TV usage

Buy magazines, papers and books

Organize mail

Mail bills and letters

Write letters and correspondence

Supervise home maintenance
Oversee home deliveries
Answer the door

Care for houseplants

Home Helper Services

Assist with household tasks
Help with laundry and ironing
Take out garbage
Make beds
Change linens
Dust furniture
Organize and clean closets

Plan, prepare and clean up meals
Shop for groceries and supplies
Prepare future meals

Help with errands
Drop off and pick up dry cleaning
Pick up prescriptions

Assist with pet care

Escort to appointments and events
Accompany to lunch or dinner
Escort for shopping and errands
Attend plays and concerts
Escort to religious services
Attend club meetings and sporting events

Personal Services Assistance

Cognitive impairment
Medication reminders