Community Oriented Services for Helping, Inc.
C.O.S.H. is committed to helping individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families.  The health and safety of each individual is our priority and providing support is our objective.




Services Offered by C.O.S.H.
Family Support
Supported Living

What is Respite Care?
Caring for someone with disabilities can be a full-time job.  Families need an occasional break, and that is where respite comes in.  Respite offers families a gift of time -- time to do anything they want.  By providing a temporary or periodic break, respite enables families to continue caring for their loved ones at home.

  • Respite Care Services are used to enable parents and/or families to:
  • Meet emergency needs such as unexpected illness or injury
  • Fulfill vacation and/or recreation plans
  • Obtain relief on a regular basis
  • Obtain relief as needed to alleviate stress and other factors that might lead to unnecessary institutional placement

What is Family Support?
Family Support provides assistance and/or direct training to an individual with intellectual disabilities, which is designed to increase the capabilities of the person in the natural home setting.  

What is Supported Living?
Supported Living provides assistance to individuals with intellectual disabilities to acquire the necessary skills to reside successfully and independently in the community.

Family Support and Supported Living Services Offered by C.O.S.H. Include:

  • Health and Safety Objectives.
  • Assistance and instruction in the acquisition of personal care, mobility,            communication, and social skills.
  • Individualized behavior management programs with assistance in implementation.
  • Services provided to increase the individual's access and integration into the community.
  • Individualized objectives and documentation that will meet waiver requirements.
  • Housekeeping, meal preparation, etc.
  • Medical observation.

What are Chore Services?
Chore services are provided to persons with disabilities who are unable to complete chore activities on their own to help maintain a clean, sanitary and safe living environment.  This may include washing floors, windows, and walls, lawn care, snow removal, etc...

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